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Our homemade ring-ding won best dessert at the Taste of Nashoba 2009

Trudie's Treats Pastry Chef a Shirley Native
January 16, 2007

The Shirley VolunteerBy Amy Peck
The Shirley Volunteer

Trudy isn't the nickname of the owner, but a catchy name for the food business of Judy Comeau, which she operates and manages with her husband, Keith, and grown children Jason and Danielle. She explained the name as her being incorrectly identified as Trudie Comeau in the news report of an event in her hometown of Townsend. Her friends, she said, teased her about it, but the name never stuck until someone came up with Trudie's Treats as a name for her business.

The family business in the center of Lunenburg is the first retail venture for the Comeau's. They have been running a wholesale food business from their Townsend home for the past nine years. Her name began appearing on cookies and muffins she made for Gary's Farm Stand in Townsend. Her baking operation grew to provide products for Trader Joe's, Bolton Orchards, and others. She won the "Best of Boston" award for her Swedish apple pie, which is a staple at Trudie's Treats.

Lunch and dinner are the main fare of Trudie's treats, but one entire room is dedicated exclusively to pastries and treats. Responsible for the tasty, eye-appealing morsels is Shannon Donovan, a pastry chef, who is a former graduate of the Lura A. White School and Ayer High School. The young chef comes from a family with roots in Shirley and after college came back to live in Shirley.

Shannon was, "hired on the spot", Judy stated, after learning of Shannon's talents from her physical therapist. The two met and now Judy raves about her chocolate covered strawberries, crème brulee, and chocolate truffle cake for two. Inside the bakery case are cannoli's, assorted cookies, bars, and squares; not to mention two-fisted whoopee pies, and a flourless chocolate cake.

In addition to the flourless chocolate cake, made for those with allergies, there are coconut macaroons for the lactose intolerant. The bakery, according to Shannon, uses nuts but is peanut free.

Shannon, whose beautiful pastries showcase her training, was trained in New York City and under Wolfgang Puck's three James Beard award-winning chefs in Boston.

The restaurant is small with just a few small bistro-style tables, but quaintly situated at the large bay window overlooking the picturesque center of Lunenburg and the town hall. Stained glass gifts, handmade pottery, specialty relishes and spreads, Lunenburg honey, plus locally crafted jewelry are on display.

Diner who prefer not to take their purchases home, can enjoy coffee with pastries or enjoy lunch or dinner.

"There's not one thing here made from a mix," Judy said, indicating that she uses top-of-the line ingredients to ensure high quality and taste. Even with these standards, there are, she added, a couple of "light" items on the menu.

Pies, and chicken pot pies (with a real butter crust) are wrapped up ready to take home and eat. Shepherd's pie, chicken cacciatore, homemade soups and meatloaf, are just some of the freshly made items available for eating in or taking out. Paninni sandwiches and chicken salad with a walnuts and craisins were the special for lunch last week.

Trudie's Treats is located at the lights in Lunenburg Center, across Route 2A from the church.

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Trudie's Treats Homemade Treasures
Friday, January 5, 2007

Trudie's Treats Homemade Treasures, The Lunenburg LedgerBy Lynne Klaft
The Lunenburg Ledger

Are you ready for the playoffs and the Super Bowl? Trudie's is.

"We have the Trudie's Playoff Special…half a sheet pan of chili dip, five pounds of buffalo wings with homemade bleu cheese dressing and one dozen chocolate chip cookies…no cooking, just heat it up and it's ready to go," said Trudie's Treats owner Judy Comeau.

Need more to go with it…there's Greek pasta salad, stuffed mushrooms (crabmeat and spinach with feta cheese), eggplant parmesan, Italian stuffed peppers, homemade paninis and olives stuffed with provolone or bleu cheese.

Mrs. Comeau has been cooking and baking for a living since 1996 when she started baking cookies and muffins for Gary's Farm Stand in Townsend out of her home. Since then, she has extended her operation to include baking for Trader Joe's, Bolton Orchards and other outlets. Her Swedish Apple Pie has won the "Best of Boston" award and is a daily offering at the new store in town center.

Her dream to open her own place became a reality this past fall after a year of planning and remodeling. Trudie's Treats Homemade Treasures has been bustling all through the holiday season.

With the help of Lunenburg resident Shannon Donavan, a trained pastry chef who studied with Wolfgang Puck, Trudie's Treats pastry counter has on offer…golden lemon coconut bars, chocolate truffle cake, raspberry meringues squares, peach crunch pie, lemon tarts, white chocolate cherry almond cookies, chocolate chip cake with cream cheese and a variety of sweet breads.

Tempted? Okay, you just made a New Year's resolution to lose those six pounds you gained during the holidays, but wait, didn't you hear that dark chocolate is an anti-oxidant? It's good for you!

Trudie's Nana Mae's Whoopie Pies are just the medicine…Judy's mother created the confection and the secret is in the filling. "You have to whip the cream until all the sugar disappears…this is not frosting…it's to die for!" said Mrs. Comeau.

The whole Comeau family is involved in the cooking, baking and creation of comfort foods that are perfect for the cold winter season. Son is the chicken pot pie (real butter crust)-chili-and mini meatloaf King and daughter Danielle the potato (twice baked, mashed and roasted fingerling) Queen. Mr. Comeau can be seen with an apron on and takes care of the wholesale side of the business.

There are homemade soups made fresh daily and ready to go. There are numerous daily specials, also made fresh every day that include: beef stew, chicken francaise, baked ziti lasagna, sautéed spinach and brown rice and chicken salad…just the thing for dinner when you don't have time to cook yourself.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and Trudie's is already planning for the big day. "Shannon will be making white and dark chocolate dipped strawberries, crème Brule for two and heart shaped chocolate truffle cakes. But we do need folks to order ahead of time, Monday at the latest (the 14th falls on a Wednesday this year)," said Mrs. Comeau.

The Comeaus will accommodate larger orders, party foods and Mrs. Comeau will even try out new recipes that customers want to see on the menu… "If you have a recipe you love…bring it in and we'll try it," said Mrs. Comeau.

The store in the center of town also carries locally made gifts and crafts…stained glass by Rhonda Collins of Townsend, pottery by Linda Howe of Groton, dried flower arrangements by Susan Smith of Townsend and photographs by Bob Gniot of Lunenburg, Stonewall jams, sauces and salsas, and Moooo coffees, and Lunenburg honey.

For more information and ordering call the Comeau family at 978-582-6969.

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Comfort Food
Sunday, December 17, 2006

Fans going ‘whoopie' over homemade treats

Worcester Telegram & Gazette

LUNENBURG— Trudie's Treats Homemade Treasures in town center had its beginnings in the basement kitchen of Judy Comeau's Townsend home.

"I needed a job 10 years ago, so I started cooking in my kitchen…cookies, muffins and teacakes…which I sold to Gary's Farmstand in town," said Mrs. Comeau.

In the decade since, Mrs. Comeau's business has expanded to commercial accounts for Bolton Orchards, Arena Farms and Trader Joe's.

"When Trader Joe's heard my Swedish Apple Pie won ‘Best of Boston,' I was asked to bring a sample in," said Mrs. Comeau, who has now provided the retail outlet with four different baked goods products for the past four years.

The two standard kitchen ovens in Mrs. Comeau's basement, were traded in for five commercial ovens six years ago, and has finally translated into a gourmet and comfort food take-out business in Lunenburg's town center at Massachusetts Avenue (Route 2A) and Lancaster Avenue.

The Comeau family is intimately involved in the business. "My daughter, Danielle, is the chicken salad and mashed potato queen, my son, Jason, is the chili and meatloaf pro and my husband, Keith, takes care of the wholesale side of the business," said Mrs. Comeau.

Even Mrs. Comeau's mother, Nana Mae, is involved. "My best-selling item is Nana Mae's Whoopie Pies. I had one customer call me after he got home to tell me that ‘they stopped me in my tracks, they were so exquisite.' I thought that was awfully nice of him to do that.

"The secret of the Whoopie Pies is in the cream filling. That filling is to die for. You have to whip the cream forever until all the sugar disappears. My mother couldn't believe it when I told her, ‘Ma, they're flying out the door' after we opened five weeks ago. She's been baking them all of my life, and people are coming from Fitchburg and Leominster to get them."

Mrs. Comeau also has a full-time Lunenburg pastry chef, Shannon Donovan, on the payroll who studied in New York City under Wolfgang Puck.

"Shannon makes a pumpkin cheesecake with a whipped cinnamon cream topping that the customers just love," said Mrs. Comeau who is working with Ms. Donovan to come up with a new gift idea —a tin filled with a variety of cookies, all made from scratch with real butter and real vanilla…no mixes, guarantees Mrs. Comeau.

Customers can also get a whole meal from Trudie's Treats. There are daily specials and regular standbys: chicken with mushroom stuffing, chicken pot pies (the crust is handmade with real butter), three-meat chili, baked ziti, freshly made soups, panini specials , baked macaroni and cheese, mini-meatloaves and homemade dips to order.

The business also offers locally made gift items including stained glass by Rhonda Collins of Townsend, handmade pottery by Linda Howes of Groton, dried flower arrangements by Susan Smith of Townsend and photographs by Bob Gniot of Lunenburg.

For the holiday season, Trudie's Treats have gift certificates, chocolate cream pies, lemon meringue pies, cranberry cheesecake and an incredible five pound, ten-inch pumpkin cheesecake, and a new item —handmade cannolis with pistachios.

Super Bowl season is coming up and Trudie's has Buffalo wings and other party foods that the business will cook for special advance orders.

"If a customer has a recipe they love…we'll try it out," said Mrs. Comeau.

For more information, call (978) 582-6969.

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Best of Boston Award 1999
For the Swedish Apple Pie

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Press and Awards

Our homemade ring-ding won best dessert at the Taste of Nashoba 2009

Trudie's Treats
Pastry Chef a Shirley Native

The Shirley Volunteer
January 16, 2007
By Amy Peck

Trudie's Treats Homemade Treasures
The Lunenburg Ledger
January 5, 2007
By Lynne Klaft

Comfort Food
Worcester Telegram & Gazette
Sunday, December 17, 2006
By Lynne Klaft

Best of Boston
Boston Magazine